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Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 1951: Rosenbergs guilty of espionage
An American electrical engineer and his wife are found guilty by the Federal Court in New York of passing secrets about the atomic bomb to Russia.

1978: Tories recruit advertisers to win votes
Saatchi & Saatchi gets the job of revamping the Conservative Party image ahead of the General Election.

Conservative MP Airey Neave 1979: Car bomb kills Airey Neave
Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Airey Neave is killed by a car bomb as he leaves the House of Commons car park.
Lee Harvey Oswald 22 November
1963: 'Stunned into silence' by JFK's death
Your memories of how you felt when US President John F Kennedy was assassinated.
1981: President Reagan is shot

President Ronald Reagan is shot and wounded when a lone gunman opens fire in Washington.

John Major on soapbox with Norma in crowd 1992: John Major climbs onto his soapbox
Prime Minister John Major gets onto his soapbox to persuade Conservatives to come out and vote.
The Queen Mother has died peacefully in her sleep 2002: Queen Mother dies
Buckingham Palace announces that the Queen Mother has died peacefully in her sleep aged 101.

Around this day

Top Story 1977: Hundreds dead in runway collision

Top Story 1979: Nuclear leak causes alarm in America

Top Story 1971: Calley guilty of My Lai massacre

Top Story 1990: Violence flares in poll tax demonstration

Top Story 1957: BBC fools the nation

Top Story 1982: Argentina invades Falklands


Stories From 12 Jun

1975: Gandhi found guilty of corruption

1964: Nelson Mandela jailed for life

1962: Three escape from Alcatraz

1997: Straw to reconsider Bulger killers' fate

1986: Labour expels Militant Hatton


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