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Loyal Order of the Moose

Loyal Order of The Moose 178 – Page 1

Gold Hill, Oregon

9713 Old Stage Rd

Gold Hill, Oregon - (541) 855-1235


My name is Vince Faini.

I am addressing the Loyal Order of the Moose 178 with this letter to show the members of that my thoughts and deeds are forthright and that I believe transparency of a person’s intentions are best. In fact I believe that the only honest relationships and social-political or most effective charitable ventures are most possible only when all people and parties operate always with good intentions and absolute transparency.

I want to be open and transparent to both my fellow members, the trustees and all of the other officers of the Moose and the women’s auxiliary – and the entire membership.

I want to be open and transparent with the public I wish to serve… especially the various charities and people I hope to help: And I have found that it is especially important to be forthright and transparent with the public – most of whom are not members of any fraternal organization.

This Philosophy of Transparency is crucial with regard to enlisting the media to help us best to help each other and let us not forget legislators, law enforcement agencies and Judicial branches that are needed to oversee all of us to make sure that everything we do is forthright, transparent and legal.

In fact they should be openly invited by us do look over our activities and openly and proactively advise us on how best to approach our personal and mutual agendas – which is of course is to uplift mankind by creating healthy and sustainable communities and helping each other towards spiritual evolution.

This of course is best accomplished by helping each other to adopt thoughtful, congruent and well-outlined family values and solid congruent spiritual grounding – along with each citizen having a love for God and their nation.

All of this must be done with openness, love and tolerance of each other’s viewpoints.

As some of you know – I belong and support more than a handful of fraternal organizations, community groups, churches, unions as well as other social-political organizations.

I am certainly more attracted to people and organizations that will allow me to be of the most benefit to my community by both helping them with their projects and then given in return moral support for my charitable projects and the methods with which I use to help facilitate money and moral support for our communities.

For this to occur in an optimal manner requires openness and transparency from each of us at all levels.

This means that if a person or persons have questions about someone(s) methods or motivations – that person deserves the right to be confronted and questioned in a forthright manner – to their face – openly and publicly.

This public forum must also be presented openly to the public outside of the lodge.

Why should we do this you may ask?

Because we are an integral part of the communities that we serve and everything we do – even discussing business in the backroom of a lodge – ultimately has short and long term effects on the world outside the lodge.

In conclusion, I want to share with all of my brothers and sisters of the organizations I belong that I have been working hard for the past ten years toward certain goals of serving my country. I have not worked towards this part time, but in fact, I have worked towards these goals every waking moment since I first began.

A few years ago, I had originally wanted to sell my house so that my realtor and I could give a sizable portion of the proceeds for a body armor fund for our troops in Iraq. I wanted to use the rest of the money to attend to my financial situation and to use the rest of the money to facilitate my projects that I have been working on so that I can become more effective with my social, political and philanthropic agendas.

Unfortunately, the market has dropped so much that when I sell the house (If I sell it) I will not have enough funds to give directly to our troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, but hopefully the funds that the house might bring will still help me to facilitate my project with which to help the people and organizations that need help

At this present time, I am also looking at the possibility of working with Interfaith Cervis – an organization that works hard at getting our injured troops re-established into our community, by finding them affordable shelter and caretakers to insure that they are given proper medication and medical attendance when needed.  

I will also be starting a thirty-day walk across Oregon at the end of this month to raise money for the troops and to encourage people to join fraternal organizations best suited for them. Lets face it, our fraternal organizations desperately need an influx of members, especially the younger generations; and the younger generation needs the fraternal organizations for guidance and support. I have many ideas of which I have discussed with people in the community, both young and old as to what would make fraternal organizations attractive enough for them to join.

(I would like the chance of addressing this with officers of any fraternal organizations at a later date).

I will start at the California-Oregon border on the coast and walk north until I hit Astoria and then I will head east. I hope to cover at least thirty miles a day.

I have a support vehicle – a converted ambulance of which many of you have seen. I will be living in this vehicle during the month. I will be looking for a few people to help support this venture… one person in a vehicle that will drive me back to the spot I last left off walking and another to sit with my vehicle to insure its safety.

It is likely that I will have the support of many active duty and past duty veterans that my walk with me at intervals and rally with me (as well as many people from various groups) as I travel from town to town. It is at these towns that I hope to meet with my brothers and sisters of the various organizations of which I belong and I am hoping for their support both personally and publicly – after all, it is for a good cause.

I want to emphasize that the money I want to raise will not be collected by directly by me, but instead I want people and organizations to make pledges of how much money the will give to Interfaith – Cervis or they are encouraged to give the money to their favorite veterans support group. I would like them to send the money directly to such organization(s). I don’t want to personally receive or handle any money that is pledge to go to the troops or any charity.

I am looking at other methods of generating funds that go directly to Interfaith and other charities instead of passing through anyone hands.

The only money that I may accept are donations for fuel and for such things that my support vehicle may need. With regards to these needs, I hope to generate the funds from selling some workout pamphlets that I have designed and from money given when people play against me on my ping-pong table that I will bring along on this venture.

It is my hope that many people in the Moose organization locally and Nationally will lend their support and by walking with us, by partaking in ping-pong, by donating money for fuel or creating methods to raise money for our fuel, by getting on the internet and contacting other moose members and club in the towns that I will be heading towards, contacting veterans in your area, contacting church groups, contacting radio stations, TV News stations and newspapers in each area and by contacting other people on other internet communities such as MySpace, et cetera.

I want all of us to show our Veterans, their families, our nation and ultimately the world community what it means when Americans really organize and pull together… from the individual on up.

Does all of this sound worthy?

Most people I talk to in the community think so and most of them would find fraternal organizations more exciting and attractive if they prove to be dynamic enough for this venture.

In parting, I want to once again bring up the potentiality of a member of a fraternal organization not fully understanding what I am hoping to accomplish and they may feel that my motivation, character and values are in question.

I want to be clear that I would never want a person or organization to bite their tongue or keep their true feelings to themselves as a quid pro quo compromise in return for me bringing a positive light on the Loyal Order of the Moose. I think that the Moose can promote this cause and still publicly confront me on any and every issue.

After all, an open public debate on differences is healthy and necessary to foster trust and cooperation  and most of all this type of loving and public openness is the most American and Christian approach when people have differences. Only in this manner can we voice our opinions and get things done for the betterment of mankind.

Also… It is only fair that people are confronted, because after all, we can be in error… myself included and this is the best way to find out if we are or not.

I hope that this long letter clarifies what I am about and what I hope to accomplish. I thought it better to write this lengthy letter… because in the past one page letters are too vague for something of such a large scope and I felt it would be a better utilization of time – over time to approach this fraternal organization in this manner.

I pray for the help of my brothers and sisters at this lodge,

Please contact me at vfaini2010@comcast.net or my return address on the envelope.

I will appreciate any advice that you can give.


Vince Faini


C.C. Congressman Peter DeFazio,                                           C.C. Veteran Affairs.

C.C. To Other Relevant Entities                                                C.C. Mr. Paul Fagal – The Mail Tribune

C.C. The Register Guard                                                          C.C. The Oregonian

P.S. – Included are signatures of a few people who are not fraternal members, but are excited about joining an organization that would share this vision.  



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