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Videos & Links for Maryland

NOW on PBS | Democrats Divided 2008| PBS

Dave's Space Disco - Oct. 13, 2008

US homeowners face foreclosures - 23 Jan 08

 Riz Khan - Global meltdown - Nov 19 - Part 1

Struggling on the front line of the US drug war - 11 Oct 08

 Riz Khan - Global meltdown - Nov 19 - Part 2

Tough times for Hispanic immigrants - 2 Dec 08

Expats prop up Liberia's economy - 22 Oct 07

Annapolis reaction on streets of Jerusalem - 21 Nov 07

 US Elections Tuesday's primaries - 11 Feb 08

Drug use afflicts US city of Baltimore - 10 Oct 08

Secrets of Mysterious Hills Revealed

Maryland Championship Wrestling

Colleges and universities

I recommend that you check out.

pampky123- Skateboarding

Skateboard Ramps - win a halfpipe at Railslide.com

City: Atl, Ga
Hometown: Baltimore, Md


ummcvideos  - Medical

Univ. Of Md. Medical Center Overview

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) provides comprehensive care for the Baltimore community and tertiary care for Maryland and the surrounding area. The hospital has more intensive care beds than any other hospital in Maryland.
Our videos include interviews with UMMC experts, patient success stories, surgical Webcasts, overviews of our programs and services and much more.
This is the official YouTube channel for the UM Medical Center and is managed by Ed Bennett, Director of Web Strategy. You can contact me at ebennett@umm.edu or by phone at 410-328-0771

City: Baltimore
Hometown: Baltimore

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is a major, innovative teaching hospital that provides health care to people throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.
22 S. Greene St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Website: http://www.umm.edu



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