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The real blood diamond

Sierra Leone


Great Videos & Links

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Who is Foday Sankoh?

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Cooking on board the ER ship - BBC

Medical volunteer performs lip surgery to an African - BBC

Medical volunteers try to help a young boy who has eye cancer in Sierra Leone, Africa - BBC

Medical volunteers try to help an old man blinded by cataracts in Africa - BBC

P.O.V. | Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars |


Sierra Leone was the setting of the 2006 Edward Zwick film Blood Diamond, set in 1999 during the period of civil war. In the film, Solomon Vandy's son, Dia, is forcibly conscripted into the RUF.

The press


  • Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services (SLBS) - government-run national TV station

  • Aisow Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) - private TV station


Flag of Sierra Leone Portal to Sierra Leone 

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