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Invisible Children of Uganda


East African Beauty-Ugandan Women


Great Videos & Links

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FRONTLINE/WORLD | Uganda : Condom

Uganda - Pygmies and Gorillas at War

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Abduction - Uganda
Abduction - Uganda
Lord's Army From Hell - Uganda

The Final Betrayal - Uganda

Paying The Price - Uganda

In the Name of the Lord - Uganda

Night Commuters - Uganda

The Children's War - Uganda

Inside the LRA - Uganda
The Doomsday Cult - Uganda

Death Row Choir - Uganda

Ryan's Well - 52 min documentary

The Other Side Of The Country - 51min

The Debt Police - Uganda

Capturing Idi Amin - 33 min documentary

Gorillas among Guerillas - Uganda

Your Money Or Your Life - 40 min documentary

Orphan Generation - 41 min documentary

Michael Palin's Hemingway adventure in Uganda - BBC

Uganda fights to save chimpanzees - 09 Jul 08

Return to Uganda - 06 Aug 07 - Part 1

Return to Uganda - 06 Aug 07 - Part 2

Abstinence and Aids in Uganda - 14 Oct 08

The Pulse-Controlli ng Shistomiasis in Uganda-2...

 Frost Over The World - Bishop John Guernsey - 05 Oct 07

 Frost over the World - Paul Kagame - 23 Nov 07


East African Beauty-Ugandan woman, PART 2



African Union (AU)


Main article: Culture of Uganda

Due to the large number of ethnic communities, culture within Uganda is diverse. Many Asians (mostly from India) who were expelled during the regime of Amin have returned to Uganda.

Human rights in Uganda

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