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As I have stated in my essay of "What makes a person worthy of love" I have been incredibly blessed to meet four extraordinary women that are indeed worthy of love.

To be honest, I have met more than four that are deserving, but for the purpose of this story, I will relate to the reader four of whom resonates with my spirit and personal ideal.

Though it is true that I have mentioned that I have given my heart to one - I did also mention that I do not want to make my feelings known to her. As I said, I do not want to complicate my friendship with the woman of whom I speak.  So I will purposely muddy the water and mention in truth four women who are of a spirit and character that speaks to my Ideal of Women of Worth.

The four women I will list alphabetically instead of any alleged order of worth.





and of course a woman I have known since birth - My Mother

Amber is a woman on a social site. I do not use social sites to seek women or dates or sex.         I mainly use various sites to network - helping those with good causes and hopefully I will be helped in return for the good causes that I have great affection for.

More than a few interesting women have taken an interest in what I am about or mostly what I am trying to achieve. However, sadly, I rarely have the time to even send an e-mail, going months without even sending them a message. Some of these fine people think that I am rude and simply delete their profile from my page. I gotta go on record and just say that it is nothing personal, it's just that I am too damn busy.

I made an exception with Amber - though after years of her being listed on one of my social pages, I happen to glance through and read more of her profile. I noticed that besides being single, very attractive and close to my age - she was involved heavily with an international organization that helps place homeless or impoverished children from third world countries into loving homes.

Amber has all sorts of attributes that make her worthy of love. Besides being very attractive and fit, she is gregarious, smart, talented, hardworking and forthright. She enjoys meeting people and learning new things. She works and plays hard at being an attribute to the organization she works for and an asset to her friends and community.

Truly any man would be lucky to land her.

Jan is another woman that I have been fortunate to work with. She is also very beautiful and fit and also within my age range. She is hyper-intelligent and hard working. She is a loving and devote mother and grandmother - though you would not think she is that old when you look at her. She has gone out of her way to always improve her work skills and education. She can use Excel like know ones business and I don't believe I have ever met another woman so skilled at multi-tasking and for long hours each day.

Jan loves the outdoors. Camping, hiking and fishing is her passion - along with football, softball and volleyball. I believe someone mentioned that in school she was varsity in several sports with a moniker of "Jan the Hammer"

If only she found a man worthy of her love and devotion for she also is truly worthy of love.

Rachael though many years my junior, is captivating enough to make an old guy like me pause and admire what the younger men might have a chance of interacting with her. She loves yoga, pottery and sculpting. In addition to being beautiful as well as smart, she laughs easily and she is spiritual and has a quiet integrity. She would rate as worthy as well.

Raven is like no other woman that I have ever met. Though she is what many would call a 'Tomboy' she is undeniably beautiful - whether she chooses to dress down without makeup or whether she puts on the glam and feminine attire. Either way I think she is a head turner.

In addition to her feminine charms she is very physical and athletic. She has worked all sorts of interesting often very physical and sometimes dangerous jobs - such as wilderness fire-fighting. She is smart, talented, world-class artistic and funny.

Most important she is honest, loving and loves to throw herself into any tasks that helps her friends. Despite being of modest financial means, she is more often than not quick to give a homeless person a few bucks and without provocation jump out to help a person in a stuck vehicle a push, a phone and a ride to their destination.

She has a passion for reading and learning all sorts of blue collar skills and anything to do with ancient  technology just turns her crank. Sometimes just being around her makes me wish I was ten years younger. (Oh well, at least I am well insured.. LOL!)

Raven is also a woman worthy of love.

Last but not least is My Mother. Though she has passed away over ten years ago, she has always been a model for me of what embodies a woman worthy of love.

She certainly would agree with me on my assessment of these four fine women.

What sets all of these woman apart from other women not as worthy of love (or men for that matter) is that each of them would still be worthy of love even if they lost their physical attractiveness.

Each of them have a quality about them that gives them indestructible sex appeal and charisma and sweetness of spirit. Each of them have worked hard to attain high levels of competence in many areas that would make them an asset to anyone looking for a life mate.

Sadly, too many people - men and women alike - really don't work at achieving any sort of excellence in mind, body, or spirit. Tragically, they simply are content to coast through life acting as if love is an entitlement. They should receive without any thought of giving.

Love is work and passion in action!

So, I have managed to list five extraordinary women without showing who I have given my heart to. It does not matter.

What matters is that they are all worthy of love.

Agree or disagree with me about whether people do or do not need to practice due diligence to offer the best deal possible for others to appreciate. Agree or disagree if you think that people should make every effort to be as loving to others - especially a person or people they are engaged in any variety of relationships.

I do not doubt that most of us could agree on the fact that any person guilty of neglecting their significant other, or engaging in various destructive behaviors such as lying, cheating or are consistently verbally, emotionally or physically abuse of being totally undeserving of love.

You would think that even the most fundamentally developmentally disabled person would realize that it is not rocket science when it comes to understanding that mistreating people is bad while loving and respecting people is good.

You would think!

However, sadly, that is not the case.

It astounds me how many people act in the most horrific manner and yet are floored when the person they have been in a long-standing relationship leaves them or when other people avoid them like a bad case of the clap.

To fully illustrate a mind blowing example of this -

I will share with you a story called: THE UNWORTHY WOMAN






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