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Ram Dass, Howard Dean, Phil Donahue, Dave Draper, Mike Dayton,

Congressman Peter DeFazio,

Jean Claude Van Damm, Ellen DeGeneris, Rodney Dangerfield, Princess Diana, Tom Davis,

Denny Dillon, Senator Bob Dole, Jim Downey, Robert Downey Jr., Brian Doyle-Murray,

Rachel Dratch, Robin Duke, Nora Dunn, Hans G. Dehmelt, Raymond Davis Jr.,

Johann Diesenhofer, Peter C. Doherty, Gerald Debreu, Jean Dausset, Christian D. Duve, Renato Dulbecco, Bill Davey, Garrett Downing, Esther Dyson, Jean Dausset, P.D. Devers, Joe DeAngelis,

Hella DeAngelis, Mari Kudla-Donnelly, Lisa Darelli, Margaret Diubaldo, Jared Diamond,

Bob Dylan, Laurie Donnelly, George Dyson, Mike D'Angelo, Richard Dawkins,
Mark Dalton,

Javier Datiz, Daniel C. Dennett, James DeAngelo, Jeff DeCosta, John DeFendis,

Tony DeFina,

Paul DeMayo, Berry DeMey, Denis Dutton, PD Devers, A.J. DiCaprio, Chris Dickerson, 

Stansislas Dehaene, Eric Dilauro, Freeman Dyson, Michael DomiNick, Keith Devlin,

Mike Dragna

Paul Davies, Fabrice Dugal, Mark Dugdale, Vansi Dun, Cleve Dean, Bishop Dolegiewicz, Gerard Duprie, Grazia Deledda, Roberto Duran, Verena Huber-Dyson, Buster Douglas,

Daniel C. Dennett, Freeman Dyson, Neil Diamond, Danny K. Davis, Raymond V Damadian,

Newman Darby, Charles Darrow, Mark Dean, Ronald Demon, Robert Dennard,

Daniel DiLorenzo,

Carl Djerassi, Marion Donovan, Richard G Drew, Graham John Durant, Morton Downey, Jr.,

Carson Daly, Tom DeLay, Frank Dux, Celine Dion, Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz,

Leonardo DiCaprio, Doctor Dre, Matt Drudge, Jerry Doyle


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             Director of OMP

My name is Vinny.

I am innately Promethean, Philosophic in nature, and philanthropic in actual deed

I am also an ex-marine and an ex-agent of the federal government.
My mission is to raise money for charities, help facilitate individuals and organizations, and generate more money for their good causes.

I hope to meet intelligent life while I 

continue my education.

I like to share effective life strategies with other people like myself.

By emphasizing the importance of networking, collaborating, sharing information and influence, we are likely to serve the betterment of mankind.

I believe it is important for each of us to become fully actualized.

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