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Dr. James Fadiman, Lou Ferrigno, Richard Feynman, Betty Ford, Harrison Ford, George Foreman, Diane Fosey,  Matthew Fox, Michael J, Fox, Dr. Robert Frager, Bev Francis,

Joe Frazier, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Siobhan Fallon, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Will Forte,

Al Franken, Jane Fonda, Mike Farrell,Jamie Foxx, Vincenteĺ Fox,,Jodie Foster, Jeff Foxworthy,

Al Franken, Ulf Von Fuler, Laszlo Fekete, George Farah, Derik Farnsworth, Chris Faildo,,

Amy Fahdli, Genuaro Ferra, Jean Pierre Fux, Todd E. Feinberg, M.D., Robert F. Furchgott,

Robert W. Fogel, Val L. Fitch, William Faulker, Dario Fo, Milton Friedman, Edmond H. Fischer,

John B. Fenn, Anatole France, Ernst Otto Fischer, Kenichi Fukui, Prince Fontenot, Mike Francois,

Hedi Fletcher, Joe Franco, Moses Flaquel, Trent Fosters, Kenneth W. Ford, Kari's Finnish,

Lazlo Fekete, Jerome I. Friedman, Phillip Jose Farmer, Christine Finn, Gerald J Ford,

Rodney Frelinghuysen, Vito Fossella, Jeff Fortenberry, Barney Frank, Federico Faggin,

James Fergason, George W Ferris, Thomas J Fogarty, Jay W Forrester, Sally Fox,

Helen Murray Free, Art Fry,


Below is the vast number of people that I DO know

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             Director of OMP

My name is Vinny.

I am innately Promethean, Philosophic in nature, and philanthropic in actual deed

I am also an ex-marine and an ex-agent of the federal government.
My mission is to raise money for charities, help facilitate individuals and organizations, and generate more money for their good causes.

I hope to meet intelligent life while I 

continue my education.

I like to share effective life strategies with other people like myself.

By emphasizing the importance of networking, collaborating, sharing information and influence, we are likely to serve the betterment of mankind.

I believe it is important for each of us to become fully actualized.

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