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A  compelling story about one young boy's struggle for independence. Watch him come into manhood as he experiences adventures, misadventures, and the prevalence of drug abuse, violence and sexual dysfunction in the United States Marines. While most 17 year-old boys today are still playing their Game-Stations on their mother’s couch, Vince was already a U.S. Marine stationed in Parris Island, S.C. & Ft. Bliss Texas… launching Hawk Missiles by day and carousing the dens of inequity across the border in Juarez, Mexico by night. Read with wonder about the adventures of just one of our many young boys in uniform… with the very real spectre of the Vietnam war and actual combat looming large on his radar screen.

(Book banned in almost forty countries and pulled from circulation; due to the explicit and disturbing violent, and sexual content and also because of the questionable religious and philosophical presentations throughout the book).













MOST PEOPLE TALK BULLSHIT - One Primate's Search for Intelligent Life -  (Exodus)

Booklet; $15.00 -

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MOST PEOPLE TALK BULLSHIT - One Primate's Search for Intelligent Life - (Revelations)

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E-Book - $5.00 -


MOST PEOPLE TALK BULLSHIT - One Primate's Search for Intelligent Life -  (Judgment Day)

Booklet; $15.00 -

CD - $10.00 -

E-Book - $5.00 -


Conversations with Neo

Booklet; $15.00 -

CD - $10.00 -

E-Book - $6.00 -




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